Care Network

We help users anonymously share concerns, whilst accessing a global community of care and support. Everyday members draw upon personal wisdom, spiritual and ethical resources, to help support others, in loving and constructive ways, impacting the world – one person at a time.

One love, one feed

Our single feed allows you to access all posts, helping you support those in need.

Inspiring posts

Capture and share inspiring moments with our global community.

Compassionate interactions

Go beyond comment, share and like with 'wish well' and 'offer a prayer' function.

Caring community

Build a support network that shares genuine concern and care.









Health Notes

We provide a private portal where users can store their health information. Through a simple invitation system users can share their health notes with family, friends and care givers, making it easier for them to keep informed and involved in their care.

Take control of your health

Health Notes is available on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, so your data follows you wherever you go. Login anytime to enter details about your mood, symptoms or wellbeing and then just save and close. It’s that simple.

Gain instant support

Instantly receive documents, images and audio files from care providers. Gain relevant information in real time, based on your personal care needs.

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Sam's story

Sam is 32 and living with Lymphoma and Diabetes. She shares how she used the AnonCare App to support her care needs.

In addition to the peer support from the AnonCare community, Sam gains the clinical assurance needed by sharing her Health Notes with her healthcare providers. Now her GP can check up on her remotely, with less trips to the surgery for Sam!