Our mission is to put accessible, compassionate care in the hands of every person on earth.

One large family

Reducing pressures on healthcare

The NHS sees more than one million patients every 36 hours. In addition to this, it is facing a rise in multi-complex care needs, an aging population, an increase in patient waiting times and a significant reduction of time and resource for health experts to provide compassionate, quality care to each and every one of us.

At AnonCare, we believe that the community is the most under-utilised resource, containing a wealth of knowledge and support for people in need, so we developed an application that helps connect people to take care of each other as one large family. We connect, patients, carers, health experts and the wider community for a shared management and responsibility for each other’s wellbeing. We merge the latest in technology and practice of age old values to help people feel, understand, and respond to the suffering of others while maintaining genuine relationships of caring across class, creed and boundaries.

Villages and technology

As cluster of human settlements village communities are closely populated, creating a strong familiarity between settlers as one extended family, all responsible for each other’s well-being. In some villages, even those unrelated are called aunts or an uncles!

Like a village, technology has brought the world closer together but despite this, we are still feeling alone. A recent survey has highlighted that 84% of British people say they have felt lonely, 13% feel lonely all the time and 64% know someone is lonely.
These issues require a humanitarian response. Our membership transcends global borders, making instant care accessible to all through a single feed. When one country sleeps, another is awake supporting others. With an average response time of ten minutes, no one is ever alone.

Technology has turned the world into a global village and AnonCare is turning it into a global family.

Young girl in India using a smartphone

Inspired by mangoes

There was once an old man who was planting seeds of a mango tree, when a passer-by stopped and began to laugh. He asked the old man, "Why do you plant these seeds? By the time they grow you will be long gone and never get to taste the sweetness of the mangoes." The old man smiled and responded, "I know this tree will outlast me and before it bears fruit, I will be no more. However, all the mangoes I have eaten in my life, were planted by the people before me."

The story highlights the importance of doing such service, that even after we are gone others are reaping its benefits. Like the old man, we are all dependent on the love and kindness of others. It is story about the mangoes that inspired us to create technology to support others, today and for years to come. We invite you to join us to plant the seed of love, care and compassion for the greater good.

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