Announcing new capabilities for AnonCare

At a time when national technology experts claim that the digital revolution has largely bypassed the NHS, AnonCare prepares to introduce a major development in digital healthcare.

Launching in August 2017, AnonCare ‘Health Notes’ is a powerful tool accessible from within our network that helps users to store personal health information and share it with the people they trust.

The ‘patient owned, patient shared’ approach has been a long standing ambition of the NHS, disadvantaged by the fragmented, localised health records. Health Notes has been specifically designed to connect the dots by letting users generate data to inform multiple healthcare providers and enable them to provide clinical assurance through patient smartphones.

Using Health Notes, users will be able to:

  • Grant access to multiple carers to access and review their Health Notes
  • Securely receive document, image and audio files from their healthcare providers
  • Automatically alert those with access, if user has a continuation of ill health

Our product development team has been working hard to integrate Health Notes into our global peer support system that connects people from across the world to take care of each other. We are confident that this is the first time such a unique model of care will be provided, a model which integrates the 24/7 support of the AnonCare network with the remote intervention capabilities provided by Health Notes.

We are preparing to embark on a major development that will put AnonCare at the forefront of integrated healthcare. Over the years our network has grown into a rich tapestry of interdependent people and will soon empower clinicians with the insight to support them from the comfort of their own homes.

We are incredibly energised about the opportunities to make a difference. It’s a big challenge, but we believe AnonCare Health Notes will be central transforming lives and the world around us.

This August, we look forward to introducing the world to AnonCare Health Notes.