The popular chat network will release an update in early 2019 which sets to place Anon Care as the next social media sensation.

The company has been working on the web version in a closed beta which will be available to unveil to the public in early 2019.

The technology first launched within NHS in 2010, as way to reduce pressures on the health industry. When mainstream networks were influencing social divisions, Anon Care became one of the first to popularise a single global feed which wasn’t restricted to user contacts or location.

Informed by its user base, the Anon Care development team have now stripped its features right back to its most popular functionality.

As well as an enhanced interface, the updates include a feature called ‘Tribes’, which allows the user to filter posts of members they want to assist and support. The network also makes it much easier for members to respond with advice, vote the best replies and create a rich tapestry of interdependent people.

The introduction of profile handles that assist anonymity as well as enhanced privacy options are also being introduced. The network aims to encourage its members to share real life issues and authentic content that identity-based platforms often inhibit users from posting.

Founder Jyotveer Singh said, “We are very excited about the release, which will be a pivot in a new direction. We are pushing faster loading time, improved user experience and a theme that resonates with our users.”

He added, “Even our sign-up flow has been stripped down so that people can start experiencing the improved feed as soon as possible”.

The start-up recently teamed up with Bucks HSC Ventures, which will help accelerate developments and serve as a launch pad for the service.