AnonCare poised to succeed Yik Yak

The tech industry is still recovering from the news of the anonymous messaging app Yik Yak shutting down. However, hope is on the horizon for its dismayed users with AnonCare, a values led UK tech start-up which hopes will fill the void left by the collapse of Yik Yak, whilst appealing to an audience beyond college students.

Popularised by Yik Yak, AnonCare offers its users a single feed for the sharing of content, however the app focuses its efforts on connecting people to create a shared responsibility for the wellbeing of others. People from across the world use AnonCare to share issues or concerns whilst tapping into the world’s collective wisdom for advice and support.

As an App based on enhancing compassion across the world, AnonCare remains largely free of the bullies and trolls that caused much disruption to anonymous apps like Yik Yak.

A recent user analysis highlighted that over 80% of AnonCare members experience an improvement in their mood and wellbeing, and 94% would recommend the App to a friend or family member.

Jyotveer Singh, AnonCare founder and CEO said: “Rather than a force for unity, social networks often breed social divisions. If we don’t address this head-on, inequality will develop deeper roots that will further cement divisions in our lives.

“The AnonCare App is really a rich tapestry of interdependent people, who go beyond caste and creed to take care of each other as one large family. Selective anonymity works in our favour so people can share real life issues and authentic content that Identity-based platforms like Facebook often inhibit users from posting. Yik Yak showed that there is a market for an anonymous feed, we are going a step further by demonstrating the desire for a more compassionate one.”

AnonCare is available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play (Android).