Doctors to provide clinical assurance through smartphones

This August AnonCare launched ‘Health Notes’, a powerful feature that enables healthcare professionals to provide clinical assurance to patients through their smartphones. The development comes at a time when a national panel of tech experts claim that the “digital revolution has largely bypassed the NHS”, a statement AnonCare is determined to prove wrong.

Since its launch in 2013, AnonCare has become a popular global peer support network, reducing pressures on the health industry by connecting users to take care of each other. Available on desktop and smartphone devices, the technology leverages the collective wisdom of its global membership to respond to individual challenges. The network’s single anonymous feed is testimony to its mission to create a shared responsibility for the wellbeing of others.

Driven by government strategy to help support the aging population and growing level of long term conditions, the UK based tech start-up has integrated a health journal, which helps its users record their health information in a single, organised location. In addition to this users can:

  • Grant access to their carers to access and review their Health Notes
  • Securely receive document, image and audio files from their healthcare providers
  • Automatically alert those with access, if user has a continuation of ill health

Jyotveer Singh, Chief Executive Officer at AnonCare said: “Patient generated data probably plays the biggest role in making them well again, as it gives medical teams the essential insights and knowledge on which to base their care.

“By giving their carers remote access to Health Notes, patients can gain clinical assurance at home, whilst accessing 24/7 peer support from the AnonCare family. To my knowledge, this has never been done before.”

The BETA version of Health Notes which was tested in several countries has proved successful, highlighting it as an international care model that connects the dots for health organisations across the globe.

Sandra Neves Magazoni from Brazil said: “The possibility of having a place where we can immediately record, how we are, how we feel about our physical and emotional health is so great! Health Notes is valuable for me and for my treatments as it allows me to share my information with the people I trust. The fact that I can log my health information instantly through my smartphone makes it more convenient and accurate.

“Having the support from the AnonCare network is also great. Many times when we are sick, we feel alone and hopeless, and to know that somewhere someone cares and is willing to help us, regardless of whether we know each other or not, is very comforting.”

Sandra gains remote support from her care givers in Brazil.
Sandra gains remote support from her care givers in Brazil.