What is AnonCare?

AnonCare is a social network for compassionate care and support. We bring people together to take responsibility and play an active part in the care of others.

Available on desktop and on your mobile device, our technology is designed to complement existing intervention and support programmes whilst providing peer and independence for patients maintaining their care plan in the community.

Supporting the NHS

The NHS sees more than one million patients every 36 hours. In addition to seeing a rise in multi-complex care needs, an aging population, an increase in patient waiting times and a significant reduction of time and resource for health experts to provide compassionate quality care to all.

We believe the community is the most under-utilised resource in healthcare, containing a wealth of knowledge and support for people in need. By tapping into this, we are able reduce pressure on care services, resulting in huge efficiency savings and a more inter-dependent, cohesive society.

Our membership transcends global borders, making instant care accessible to all regardless of time zone. When one country sleeps, another is awake taking care of others. With an average response time of ten minutes, no one is ever alone.


What research shows

Of British people say they have felt lonely.

Of British people feel lonely all the time.

Of British people know someone that is lonely.

Of mood disorders that currently receive help.

What our users say

Have given support to a member who was feeling sad or lonely.

Have felt supported by another AnonCare member.

State AnonCare has contributed in improving their mood on a daily basis.

State AnonCare has contributed in improving their overall well-being.

State they would recommend it to a friend or family member.

Care communities

Verified care providers are able to create Care Communities on AnonCare, dedicated to relevant health topics or conditions. Once set up, care professionals can invite their staff and patients to join these care communities and get engaged.

Care Communities can be secure or open to all, allowing members to follow discussions, find information and ask their own questions to empower an informed and independent life.

Brain games

Research has shown that solving puzzles can be highly beneficial for both relaxation and mental health.

With hundreds of puzzle, logic and educational games, members are able to give their brain a workout, sharpen their mind and improve memory whilst having fun.



We encourage healthcare professionals to actively contribute to our database of articles and news releases, where members can learn about the latest health issues and medical breakthroughs, with expert news and features on everything from cancer treatments to mental health.


Benefits of Health Notes

Health Notes allows you to keep track and monitor any relevant information about your wellness and conditions through a private portal, specially designed to help identify the progression of a disease, note the presence of new symptoms, and to keep track of medications and appointments.

By using a simple invitation system patients can share your Health Notes with family, friends and care givers, making it easier for them to keep informed and involved in your care. Use Health Notes to:

  • Send reminders to patients for preventive and follow-up care
  • Receive timely electronic access to patients health information

See how it works

Fred is sharing his AnonCare Health Notes with you to show you how it is done. Simply visit the link below and insert the password: 1940


You will note that as a viewer of Fred’s Health Notes you will be able to attach documents, images and audio notes for Fred to receive.

This could include appointment letters, x-ray images or voice notes in the users native language. The possibilities are endless!