The Team

Jyotveer Singh Founder and CEO

Having served in the NHS over seven years at various health organisations across the UK, Jyotveer was able to witness first hand, the challenges faced by the health industry, which continues to see over one million patients every 36 hours. He was convinced that to reduce pressures on healthcare, we need to create interdependency in the community setting, mobilising communities to take care of each other.

He developed AnonCare as a merger of the latest in technology and age old values to help people feel, understand and respond to the suffering of others. Dubbed by the media as ‘the Sikh Mark Zuckerberg’, he is a social entrepreneur on a mission to enhance compassion across the world.

Dusan Jovanovski CTO

Dusan is a talented programmer who has empowered global start-ups with innovative software solutions. He has been the lead developer for popular patient networks, such as and Viratech, and is also the Founder at EXTFOX.

As the product development lead at AnonCare, he combines his experience in both corporate and start-up environments to lead on technological development. Dusan is the mastermind behind AnonCare Health Notes, which is set to revolutionise the way care is delivered in the UK as well as the world’s poorer economies.