Everyone has a part to play in keeping Anon Care safe and respectful. We developed our platform to connect people to take care of each other and it is in this spirit we ask members to behave.

As a principle, we ask you not to post anything that you wouldn’t send to your mother, but just to make things just a little clearer please find our community rules below, which are required to be followed, along with our Terms of Use.

  • You own and are responsible for the content you post;
  • Do not identify others - directly or indirectly;
  • Always keep things anonymous;
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on posting phone numbers or personal details;
  • We do not tolerate bullying or hate speech;
  • We do not tolerate back-biting, slander, malicious gossip, rumor mongering, malice, mockery, disrespect, divisiveness, and lying. Don’t do it, it’s just not nice;
  • Do not impersonate other people or portray another person in a misleading, deceptive manner;
  • If you see useless or offensive advice, do your part by downvoting and reporting it;
  • If you continue to be reported your account will be suspended;
  • The most helpful comments tend to get the highest votes, so pay attention to these when receiving advice;
  • Be a good human being.

***be careful with the information you share

Now for the serious talk. Remember, your profile is anonymous to other users. However breaching our community rules can have consequences which depending on the severity, could mean your profile being removed or information being reported to law authorities. So please be kind and treat others how you would want to be treated yourself.